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List of Faculty and Staff


Catherine Pogue, principal
Steven Mills, assistant principal
Corrie Waddell (4k teacher)
Lisa Queen (aide to Corrie Waddell)
Ashley Smith (4k teacher)
Sharon Smith (aide to Amanda Justice)
4 year old Kg
Rachel Ormand
Julie Lancaster (aide to Rachel Ormand)
Reeda Proffitt
Tonya Woody (aide to Reeda Proffitt)
Mary Rose Darwin
Christie Jolly  (aide to Mary Rose Darwin)
Diana Rivas
Vera Kinsey (aide to Diana Rivas)
5 year old Kg
Donna Farmer
Phyllis Guye (aide to Donna Farmer)
Shayla Dawkins 
Sherry Jackson (aide to Shayla Dawkins)
Jennifer Zelinski
Helen B. Smith (aide to Jennifer Zelinski)
Cheryl Haynsworth
Martha Freeman (aide to Cheryl Haynsworth)
first grade
Alexandria Jackson
Libby Eubanks
Erin Lee
Shawna Simmons
second grade
Devonne Good
Nikki Smith
Austin Worley
third grade
Susan French
Bailey Clem
Shirley Navy
fourth grade
Leah Craft
Katy Quinn
Neeisha Robinson
Reilly Mahan
fifth grade
Art: Detria Graham
Music: Claire Foote
PE: Jeff Clark
Media Center: Matthew Strickland
Lego Lab: Alisha Bridges
Guidance: Beverly Griffin
Resource: Robin Ballenger
Resource: Joshua Blake
Band: Dale Burton
Strings: Sarah Angeles
School Psychologist: Emily Turner
Behavior Interventionist: Adams
Media Assistant: Luann Sawyer
Computer Lab: Kathy Roberts
Speech: Casey Hindman
Horizons: Jessica Barwick

special areas
Barbara Smith (primary)
Ann Gable (primary)
Brandy McClain (elementary)

Literacy Coach:
Claire Culbreth
CI :
Amanda Justice
Allie Thrower
Custodial Staff:
Steven Collins (Manager)
Jo Chavez
Beverly Moore
Robert Roberson
Ray Belcher
Cafeteria Staff:
Barbara Fuller
Ella Miller
Belinda Pressley 
Peggy Foster
Diana Schelkopl
Linda Hardy
Dennis Williams
Stephnie Pruitt (manager)
support staff