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Jesse Bobo Elementary is proud to be known as a P.B.I.S. school.

P.B.I.S. stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. P.B.I.S. is a positive, proactive approach to working with student behavior. Students are given a clear set of expectations based upon behavioral goals chosen by the staff and administration. This school wide approach has shaped our school into an exceptional environment where students, staff, and parents work together to achieve 3 aspects. These include being respectful, responsible, and productive. It is also a program that gives students an opportunity to achieve social, emotional, and academic success.

The Jesse Bobo P.B.I.S. program has some great incentives built in for our students. Students who are respectful, responsible, and productive receive class and individual Bear Bucks. If a class receives 5 class Bear Bucks then they get a "shout out" over the intercom and get to celebrate by cheering so the whole school can hear them. The individual Bear Bucks are used as a money incentive system.  Once a quarter, teachers in each grade level offer options of varying Bear Buck value where students can purchase different, fun activities in which they choose to participate. Some of these include a kick ball tournament, reading to a class, participating in game time, an ice cream party, extra technology time, and so much more! Students learn how to manage their money also by saving their Bear Bucks to buy an unlimited wristband for our P.B.I.S. school carnival. As you can see, the P.B.I.S. program promotes ways to achieve great behavior in school.