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At Jesse S. Bobo, we are passionate about engaging students in hands on learning and incorporating STEAM activities into our daily learning.  One of the tools used to increase student interest and engagement is LEGO Education products.  Each teacher in grades 5K - 5th have LEGO Education kits in their classroom.  The teachers use these kits to make learning fun, across all levels of the curriculum. 

Students in grades 5K-5 receive 60 minutes of related arts instruction per week in the LEGO/Steam Lab.  This learning environment focuses on integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math in a way that allows students to showcase their creativity.  Each week students undertake a new and exciting engineering and design challenge.

The LEGO/STEAM Lab is taught by Cahaly Ballenger.  Students enjoy this creative outlet while internalizing the engineering and design thought process.  It's a fun place to develop problem solving skills, innovative thinking, and collaboration skills. Everything is awesome at JSBES! (Sign the Lego song while reading this!)